The daughter of Frances Black, Scott has very recently followed in her mother’s footsteps in beginning a solo music career.  Her debut album, “Carry the Day” hit music stores six months ago.  She accompanied the release with a show on the “Late Late Show.”  Scott is the most traditional singer of the next generation of Blacks, but she too puts her own spin on things.   There is a hint of an indie interpretation of the Irish folk tradition akin to her cousin, Róisín’s in her songs, even in Irish language songs, like “Fásaim.”  Some of my favorites on the album, like “Deep Dark Water” and “What You Do With What You’ve Got,” turn to Americana and country music for lively acoustic original tracks.  Other songs, however, like “Slán Leat” preserve the kosher Irish folk tradition.  Scott’s voice is sweet, wispy, and an important installment in the legacy of traditional Irish music. 

Colleen Taylor