Hi Everybody,

Aoife here -  I'm about to embark on the journey of recording my second album. Since making my first album I have literally been on the road, gigging all over the world - from France to Fiji, and It has been the most incredible journey. I'm really excited and so grateful to be here and ready to record. 

This new album is one that has been developing for the past 3 years while we have been touring with my first album "Carry The Day". We've been collecting songs/writing songs/collecting ideas and I'm really excited to be able to go in to the studio to record now. 
The first album took a long time to make, and I learned so much from the process. 
Also I learnt so much from crowdfunding the album, and how crowdfunding can help with everyone getting involved from the very beginning. 

This time around I feel a bit stronger, a bit braver, and very grateful for where I am today.

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