Live Stream #3 - Live from the Shed

Live from Nashville Airport - We got a flight home!

Live from Franklin TN, with Ron Block

About - A bit of what happened....


Hi Everybody, 

Aoife here - Hope yis are all okay and safe, wherever ya all are. What can be said about the last couple of weeks - I know we are all in the same boat. I’m hoping ye are all okay and I’m sending so much love to ye all. 

What an unbelievably hard time for musicians this is, so many Irish Bands/musicians having all their gigs cancelled at a time when we’re the most busiest. It’s been heartbreaking to see on social media how this situation has affected everyone. 

This was my first ever Spring Tour, and including St. Patricks Day, and I was so hopeful to break new ground over here in the US. 

I am heartbroken to say my much anticipated US Tour has been cancelled. We started March 11th, and were meant to be until April 14th (After Easter), but obviously all of this has changed now. I am super grateful for this tour, for the people who were messaging saying how excited they were coming to our shows, and the love and support of everyone who messaged worrying about us in the midst of this crisis. 

We were one show into this new Spring Tour and everything has fallen apart, here and worldwide. I’m so aware of the entire world being affected by this, and we are all in the same boat. 

Sadly, with the current situation that everyone is in, we too are here, stranded in America - trying to figure out what’s just happened, and what is about to happen. 

We’re currently in Nashville and with friends, so we’re safe. We’re planning on getting home as soon as we can. 

But we’re feeling super lost with what’s just happened… 

Would you believe, that there’s been $8,000 plus spent so far on tour costs, which includes 

International Flights 


Domestic Flights 

Car Hire 


CWA accountant fee’s 

administration fee’s 

....and that’s just tipping the iceberg! 

That’s just something we have to realise is part of the reality of touring, and the reality of being a self employed musician. 

And If I’m being really honest these past few days, this whole uncertainty of being a self employed entertainer , and trying to make it out of the red after this disaster…. it’s been so very scary. 

This is the first time since I left my ‘real-job’ to become a singer…. (Think Wondering where the lions are)… that I’ve doubted the choice I made. It’s put doubt in my mind over the future of being able to do this as a job. I’ve never had doubt before, ever. I knew I was doing the right thing by following my heart, but this loss and cancellation of such a big tour, and investment has made everything uncertain. 

I’m obviously self funded, I saved for the past 6 months to be able to fund this tour, and the loss of these expenses make me worried for the future for of touring like this again. 

Anyways, we’re here in America trying to figure out as way home as soon as we can, and we want to do something while we’re here waiting > We want to do something happy! 


We’re going to do TWO ONLINE CONCERTS for all the people who couldn’t make it to the concerts, who’ve been let down by all of this, for those who are isolated and at home, and for those like me, who are a bit scared, and fearful of all of this around us. 

Live from Franklin Tennessee, Myself, Andy and Ron Block will perform tomorrow 15th of March at 5pm CDT (US Time), 6pm EST which will be 10pm GMT (Irish Time). We’re here, we want to play, and we want to play for you. 

We’re going to do a second online show on St. Patricks Day too. (9:30pm CDT, 10:30pm EST and very late for Ireland!) 

We’ve started a fundrazer page, for anyone who wants to contribute to an online concert ticket donation, or contribute to the rising costs of trying to get home from America in these troubling times. I’m scared of what is going to happen, scared of how we’re going to recover from this, but I know so many people are in the same boat. And I know that I’m lucky to be here, and in this privileged position to be singing and playing as my job. And I’m so grateful to everyone for the support, I literally wouldn’t be here without ye! 

Any contribution to this ‘tip jar’, big or small would be hugely helpful with this disaster, and with this help, I think we will be able to continue to tour as musicians and keep going. 

Thanks everybody for everything, all the messages, and all the love, 

Love to yis all 

Beir Bua 

A very emotional - Aoife xx

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