Thursday March 24th 2016 

-  'Carry the Day: a richly layered, impressive debut album - 

Lengthy percolation is writ large on this solo debut from Aoife Scott. As co-writer (with Enda Reilly) of half of the 12 songs here, Scott is flexing her writing chops and vocal cords in both Irish and English in equal measure, and with some richly layered results. Her vocal tone strikes a fine balance between keenly invested emotion, lyrical clarity and intuitive phrasing: as a scion of the Black family, she can hardly deny her genetic heritage. Eoghan Scott’s guitar, Eamonn De Barra’s piano and Michelle O’Brien’s fiddle are particularly perceptive. The roll call of place names occasionally nudges the earlier songs towards Bord Fáilte territory, and Scott’s vamping up of What You Do With What You’ve Got sacrifices the tender core of the song somewhat. But the final hidden track, O’Carolan’s Sí Bheag, Sí Mór is a delightful bookend to a fine debut.