Home Bird Tour USA 2018

Home Bird Tour - USA September 18
Excited to announce the upcoming tour dates for the USA next month.

I am really happy to be able to share with you the upcoming tour dates for the US September 2018! It’s been a long while coming… Sorry it took so long to get there!

So, I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been a bit quiet on the music side of things. I haven’t been touring properly since earlier in the year. Last weekends gigs in Italy with Full Set was the first gigs in a while with large audiences, so it was a great one to get back into it.

As 2018 shaped to be an unbelievable year so far, I took a break earlier this year, due to some unexpected sadness and grief. After our mammoth 2 years of touring, I was coming off stage in tears after some incredible, mind blowing shows, and didn’t understand why. I was so so lucky and it was frustrating to be feeling this way when I knew how lucky I was to be there.

Y’know It’s so easy to portray the filtered life online, filtered pics of the good, but never showing the bad. It’s so easy to share the happy times, and not let anyone know when it’s not so happy. Sure, You don’t want to be seen to be weak, or looking for attention or even sympathy.
You just want to show the happy and joyous times.

But I felt sad.

( I found out it was grief, a lot of grief. But that’s a story to be told another day)

So I did a hard thing, I stopped working, and gigging. I threw myself into working it out and faced it horrible, ugly, beautiful face straight on.

Me and Grief are friends now after sorting some road bumps in our relationship. ;-)

Now, after some months of recovery time I am back with the first tour - “The Home Bird” Tour.

This is the start of our acoustic tour of US, which features House Concerts as a feature for this US Tour. This is in contrast to last years 2 month tour which featured performances at huge festivals across the USA …
I realised after some timeout, I missed the intimacy of singing songs directly to people so close to me, being able to connect with them in every way.

So everybody, this, our Home Bird Tour - USA September 18 , our (mainly) House Concert Tour right across the US, September 2018.

(With some stop offs at our favourite favourite lovely festivals Indy Irish Fest, Michigan Irish Music Festival and a new stop off at Appaloosa Festival too! )

It’s an exciting adventure, featuring myself and the lovely Andy Meaney …
Some instruments, a PA, some CD’s, a few battered suitcases, and our voices and full hearts. <3
Hopefully see you there!

p.s. Thanks everybody for letting me be honest and tell you’s the story :)I’m lucky to be here :)

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